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To ensure the success of any floor finish, choosing the right smoothing compound is critical and we at Tremco are here to help. Whether you are looking at a new build or refurbishment project, TREMCO has a range of smoothing compounds developed to ensure you have a well-prepared base for your floor coverings. 

Complete with competitive walk-on times and drying times, Tremco smoothing compounds are designed to save flooring contractors both valuable time and money.

A smoothing compound commonly referred to as a "self-levelling compound" or “floor screed” is used in the preparation of laying most floor coverings to create a smooth and level surface. 

The Types of Smoothing Compounds

  • Two Part Latex Underlayment - general purpose, high performance, and damp tolerant grades 
  • Water Mixed Underlayment's - hand or pump applied for heavy-duty applications 
  • Repair Compounds - patch repair and feather edge compounds for specialist applicators 
  • Specialist Floor Screeds - fibre-filled pumpable underlayment for flexing subfloor or difficult substrates 

Benefits of the Tremco Range:

  • Easy mix and application
  • Good resistance to impact
  • Saves time and money
  • Competitive walk-on times
  • Provides resilient and solid floor
  • Fast drying times

Discover more and view our whole range of smoothing compounds below.

We have a friendly and dedicated specialist flooring team on hand to talk you through your technical enquiries, to offer on-site support or choosing the right Tremco system for you - to ensure that those products are applied in the best way possible.

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