Selecting the Right Smoothing Compound

Tremco / 23 August 2022
Smoothing Compounds

As one of the world’s most respected manufacturers of construction systems and particularly flooring products, Tremco is routinely involved with projects to create all types of structure from hospitals and hotels to schools and sports venues. Indeed its smoothing compounds such as SX500 and SX300 NA often prove critical to the way surfaces perform in terms of how finishes go down and their longevity; as well as trueness and even safety.

Speed is often crucial and one of the latest additions to Tremco’s comprehensive and fully-compatible range of flooring products is SX500 Rapid Drying Smoothing Compound, which offers strong environmental credentials as well as fast-track working characteristics. The two-component smoothing compound – often specified in combination with ES600 Moisture Vapour Suppressant -  can usually be walked on after just 30 minutes and floor coverings can be laid after approximately 90 minutes.

Where substrates are very uneven, however, Tremco would recommend SX300 NA as it can be applied beneath the moisture vapour suppressant. Offering low odour and protein free, SX300 NA has been specifically developed to be moisture resistant.  It can be trowelled from a thickness of 6 mm down to 2mm, or mixed with an equal volume of granite chippings to fill a depth of 30 mm.

Where, therefore, consultants or contractors are facing challenging conditions and targeting quick installation times as well as a high performance, lasting legacy, they need look no further than SX500 or SX300 NA  and the team of well proven flooring products they are a part of.