TREMCO offers a range of CPD seminars covering all aspects of our products, including several RIBA Approved Seminars as well as bespoke seminars to meet individual requirements.

For all RIBA Chartered Members, they are required to undertake and record CPD (Continuing Professional Development).  Our RIBA Approved Seminars count towards your 35 hour requirement - giving you helpful insight and information as part of your professional development.

We have three core CPD sessions we run - click below for more information on each one.

CPD course information 

TREMCO's flooring CPD provides information on industry best practices, building standards and technical standards. Titled "Surface Membranes and their applications" and delivered by TREMCO flooring experts, attendees can expect the below topics to be covered. 

  • Causes of failure in floorcoverings
  • The moisture content of concrete
  • Testing methods
  • Surface Preparation
  • Surface membranes
  • Adhesive application

Each seminar lasts for approx. 40 minutes with time for questions and answers. A CPD certificate of training is also provided to claim continuing professional development points. 

A Guide to Detailing of Interfaces on Windows and Façades

This CPD session gives you the key information about detailing of interfaces on windows and façades.  In this session you will learn about:

    > Legislation & market influences

    > Sealing function

    > Guidance for perimeter sealing (including limitations)

    > Alternative solutions / benefits of a three level sealing system

    > Membranes

    > Alternative three level sealing solution in one product

Surface Membranes and Their Applications

Our Surface Membranes and Their Applications CPD gives you a clear insight into:

    > Causes of failure in floorcoverings

    > Moisture content of concrete

    > Testing methods

    > Surface preparation

    > Surface membranes

    > Adhesive application

A Guide to the Waterproofing of Below Ground Structures

In this session you will gain a full overview of waterproofing of below ground structures.  This session covers:

    > The effects of water ingress

    > Specifying BS8102

    > Types of protection available

    > Selection of an appropriate system

    > Typical waterproofing installations