Sectors We Serve

Sectors We Serve

Here at TREMCO, we serve a number of sectors with our leading range of solutions. From damp proof membranes, to smoothing compounds and adhesives, TREMCO's variety of high-performance solutions are suitable for both new installations and renovation projects for all types of floor coverings.

Recognising the need for peace of mind, TREMCO offers much more than solely products. Our specialised flooring team are on hand to talk you through technical enquiries, choosing the right TREMCO system for you, or simply directing you to one of our approved distributors. 

TREMCO roofing and waterproofing solutions ensure that we can protect the six sides of the building.

Here are just a few of the areas we work with and please get in touch should you require further information.


Our solutions have been used in residential buildings, including Grade II listed properties.

Whether it's a decorative wearing coating in a retail environment or a chemical resistant finish in a sterile area, waterproofing of a flat roof, fast track application for a quick finish, or flooring adhesives that work with underfloor heating - we have the right solution to support your needs.  

Our Fast track Flooring solutions mean that the building can receive a DPM, smoothing compound and floorcovering in one day. This minimises the inconvenience in refurbishment projects.

Our rapid curing Waterproofing and Roofing solutions are designed with the unpredictable UK climate in mind, ensuring minimum down time and maximum output.

With a key distributor network across the UK, our solutions can be sourced and purchased local to you.  Our handy TREMCO Flooring App gives you access to your nearest distributor.


Our products are used widely across commercial buildings and projects.  

We can support with the flooring requirements for your project.  For commercial buildings, we have smoothing compounds suitable for high point loading for the perfect high- quality finish, damp proof membranes, and compatible adhesives for all flooring situations.

We also have a comprehensive range of roofing and waterproof solutions, and we can support you with car parking and roof decks, balconies and more. 

We've worked with some big names in retail and commercial buildings to deliver high quality finishes and time saving solutions.

Government Buildings

TREMCO provides solutions for fire stations, hospitals, schools, leisure centres and more.  

Our flooring, waterproofing, and roofing solutions deliver a finish to meet the demanding needs of these well frequented buildings.  By using the right products at the start of a project, you're laying the foundations for a high quality finish.

As an example, our adhesives range encompasses solutions for heat resistance, waterproofing, and water resistance.  Our team are on hand to help you choose the right solution for your needs.


The challenges of the industrial environment creates a unique need on builders.  Ensuring the right products are used that will last under harsh conditions is key.

At TREMCO, we work with you to select the products most suited for the application.  From kitchens to factories, we have a range of solutions to meet your needs.

Talk to our experts about your key requirements and we will work with you to provide a system most suited to your project.