Parkway Gate

Ryan Gerrard / 13 January 2023

Parkway Gate student accommodation gets a Tremco flooring make-over

Parkway Gate

Project Details:

Client & Installer: Blade Flooring

Products: Tremco Primer CS150 & Tremco SX302 Screed

Market Sector: Education, Accommodation

Architect: United ltd

Location: Manchester, United Kingdom

The Project

As part of Unite Students £65 million property upgrade of three properties in Manchester, Parkway Gate student accommodation underwent refurbishment of 754 bedrooms. Tremco CS150 primer and Tremco SX302 smoothing compound were applied during the eight-month redevelopment period of the unit, covering an area of 17,000m. To ensure that the work would be completed in time for the 2022/23 academic year, the refurbishment project relied on a good delivery service and efficient cost savings which Tremco provided.

The Solution

As a brand of Tremco CPG UK, Tremco is recognised by building professionals across the construction industry and its products were trusted to meet the needs of this refurbishment project due to their quality and compatibility of the range. Tremco offers customers an extensive product selection, backed up by unrivalled technical support, from initial product advice to product training and onsite technical assistance.

Prior to the application of carpet and carpet tiles, the floors were primed with Tremco’s acrylic primer CS150 which is a universal primer for porous substrates. CS150 is used prior to the application of a smoothing compound and the product works by removing the adverse effects of suction from the substrate including pin-holing and premature drying of the screed. One of the key benefits of CS150 is the ease of application its ability to maintain the flow characteristics of the screed.

To ensure the success of any floor finish, choosing the right smoothing compound is critical, and Tremco’s SX302 moisture tolerant latex underlayment was chosen to ensure a well-prepared base for the floor coverings. Tremco’s SX302 smoothing compound was applied after the acrylic primer and one of its key benefits is its extremely low odour, leaving no unpleasant scent of ammonia behind. SX302 is easy to mix and apply and produces a smooth surface accepting foot traffic after just 90 minutes after application.

Trust in Tremco       

Thanks to Tremco’s trusted technical expertise and excellent track record in flooring solutions, the newly developed student accommodation received a well-deserved flooring make over. With Tremco’s products saving time and money with competitive walk on times and drying times the internal re-work means students can enjoy their new home. Tremco’s products have been trusted to deliver results time and time again.

Victoria Langley, Area Sales Manager for Tremco, commented: “It was a pleasure to work with Blade Flooring on this refurbishment project at Parkway Gate and be a part of creating a comfortable home for students in Manchester. One of the key benefits of using Tremco products is how each is compatible with the other to offer high quality flooring solutions.

“Combining years of experience and relationship building with installers, contractors, architects, and specifiers, the Tremco brand has been continuously trusted to deliver on projects across the UK and we are so proud to offer our customers an all-encompassing service package to ensure the right system is applied to your next project.”

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