Green Roofs, Blue Roofs and Podiums

As advocates of greening our buildings, alongside our construction processes. We have designed a range of systems that offer wide-ranging benefits as a foundation for more sustainable and optimised roof estates. 

We are seeing a higher demand from planning requirements and building owners to utilise flat roofs. Whether water attenuation to mitigate the risk of flooding, or for recreational spaces for occupants to enjoy the great outdoors, prompted by the well-researched benefits. 

We pride ourselves on continuously innovating and developing to ensure our systems can work harmoniously with a wide range of external finishes, whilst ensuring both longevity and compliance.

We have carried out independent testing to ensure our tailored systems are perfectly aligned to the requirements set out when applied with sustainable roof options. The solutions need to be:

  • Durable due to the load bearing weight of external finishes whether podium or green roof.
  • Built for longevity with root resistant technologies to avoid puncture – causing water ingress
  • Environmentally friendly once cured to ensure no toxication to the living nature of green roofs and biodiverse roofs
  • Independently tested to ensure peace of mind that the solution has been approved for use in the scenario required

For green roof and biodiverse roof applications:

Green roofs are becoming more and more common, especially in our inner cities to help reduce air pollutants, mitigate flooding and increase local biodiversity. Advocating by many local policies and initiatives such as The London Plan. Green roofs can even cool down buildings in the summer but help insulate in the winter. They remove heat from the surrounding air through a process of evapotranspiration – reducing the effect of ‘urban heat islands’.

Our designed system for green roof applications is:

AlphaGuard PUMA

AlphaGuard Blueshield

For blue roof applications:

Blue roofs can either be included independently or be installed alongside other more sustainable roof applications such as green roofs and roof podiums.

Blue roofs have been recognised as an approved option for SuDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems). Blue roofs are designed to reduce the speed of water heading to ground through the attenuation of water. This helps with reducing the stress on our ground drainage systems, especially in our inner cities in London, where many of the avenues are historic and not built for the amount of use of today. Which in turn supports the mitigation of flooding.

Our designed system for green roof applications is:

AlphaGuard Blueshield

For roof podiums and roof terraces:

Extensive research continues to be carried out on understanding the positive impact from nature on our mental and physical health. But what we know for certain, through this research – it does.

And as land becomes harder to acquire, councils, companies and building owners are pioneering in either existing buildings roofs, or roofs as part of new construction as an avenue for recreational use.

Roof podiums, or roof terraces, is where you can take what would typically go on the ground as a communal area and take it sky high, to reduce land requirement and optimise an area that is often unused. These spaces can be utilised in so many ways, whether its seating and planters, playgrounds or a mix of green roof vegetation with paved access to building occupants to be a step closer to nature.

Our designed system for application for roof podiums is:

AlphaGuard BlueShield