Reinforced Bitumen Membrane (RBM) Systems

Tremco RBM (reinforced bitumen membrane) flat roofing systems have a long track record of providing superior weatherproofing for all kinds of buildings. They are easy to install, even in roof areas with limited accessibility; low odour, and have options for torch-applied or self-adhesive systems (in line with the NFRC’s Safe2Torch guidance).

As roof replacement is considered a last resort, where possible the RBM layer can be used as an overlay solution to efficiently renew waterproofing integrity. RBM systems are versatile and can be used for roof refurbishment/overlay, replacement, and new build construction projects.


The AlphaGuard POWERply range of long-lasting flat and sloping roofing systems, is available in multiple configurations tailored depending on requirements, such as insulation thicknesses and foot traffic. These pre-engineered components have been tested in different scenarios to ensure Regulatory compliance including, but not limited to compliance to Broof(t4) classification.


AlphaGuard POWERply TO is a torch-on/applied flat roofing system, suitable for all roof deck types.

A time-tested system solution, with an anti-ageing formula called APAO. The system, therefore, supersedes the longevity of SBS and APP based systems. 

POWERply TO Torch-on Flat Roof System


AlphaGuard POWERply SA is a self-adhesive flat roofing system that requires heat to be adhered (no gas torches are required). Suitable where a flame-free application is required due to either site restrictions or combustible materials to mitigate fire risk.

POWERply SA Self-Adhesive Flat Roof System

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