New Build Roofs

Successful working partnerships are pivotal in delivering sustainable, compliant, and long-lasting buildings for people to live, learn and work.

We partner with all supply chain stakeholders, including main contractors, sub-contractors, construction consultants, architects, and structural engineers to ensure that maximum benefits can be redeemed within the fabric of the building at early design stage. 

We can be brought in at any design stage though we highly recommend early design stage as this is likely to achieve better cost-effectiveness and roof efficiencies. 

Flat roof design

We pride ourselves on offering an extensive range of design services that cater to our clients' needs at every stage of their project. 

If you're in the early stages of your project, our team of highly-skilled technical designers can work with you to generate drawing packages that are tailored to your specific requirements. No matter the application on your site, so whether you need assistance from the beginning or want us to take existing structural drawings and apply our own flat roof systems, we have the expertise to create detailed and comprehensive designs that will ensure your project is successful from the start.

Alternatively, if you're further along in the process and have already installed much of the site, we can still provide you with the highest-quality design services. At this stage, we can produce detailed drawings that are not generic illustrations but are specific to your exact site installation. This means that you'll receive drawings that are tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that your project is completed to the highest possible standards.

Flat roof specification

There are a number of routes in specifying a Tremco roof system.

  • You can complete project-specific specifications via NBS Source
  • Tremco can create an NBS specification for you via NBS Chorus
  • We can specify the most suitable solution, at early design or post design stage, to suit project requirements. Saving clients from worrying about what solution to choose, from considerations from fire to aesthetics. 

All of our comprehensive flat roof specifications cover information about our systems, associated roof accessories, design and installation considerations. 

Flat roof installation

Our systems are multi-layered to ensure the roof is long-lasting and compliant to fire and energy efficiency considerations. That is why we vet and onboard a select few contractors in each region to install our systems known as Tremco Trusted Partners. No one else can install a Tremco roof. This gives full peace of mind that the roof is installed correctly and in line with the specification.

Flat roof inspections

Regular site visits from technical services are undertaken to ensure all works are being delivered in line with the specification. All information obtained during these visits is recorded and issued to all project stakeholders as part of regular reporting.

Flat roof warranty

Our QA Warranty gives end clients full peace of mind that the solution has been monitored regularly with a final diligent inspection carried out by our expert team.

We offer a single-point warranty, and also options for IBGs. 

Unlike some warranties that can include premiums driven by annual interest, our warranties are a single payment, that is factored into the project costs, ensuring your roof is covered as soon as the solution is installed.

Another crucial benefit to our warranties is that it gives building owners ongoing protection regardless of the existence of the original contractor and whether the building changes ownership.

Flat roof maintenance and aftercare

A dedicated customer care team will be by your side in the unlikely event an issue arises, priding ourselves on rectifying issues quickly.

We also offer a range of PPM (planned preventative maintenance) programmes called TremCare. This can support asset management plans for buildings. 

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