Liquid applied systems

Tremco’s range of liquid-applied roofing systems can be used as the foundation for roof podiums across new build construction projects. The systems can also restore a deteriorating but functional roof into a long-lasting, highly efficient weatherproofing system without the need for replacement. This option is cost-effective and reduces waste to landfill. Roof replacement should be seen as a last resort.

The solutions can waterproof over existing flat roof build-ups, structural concrete roof decks, industrial cladding, and can also be part of a build-up for roof replacement and new build construction projects. Our liquid applied systems offer heat and flame free application – therefore hot work permits are not required. This is essential for specific detailing and full roof estates in certain sectors.

AlphaGuard BIO

AlphaGuard BIO provides superior protection from water ingress and offers diversity in its application capabilities. With the additional benefit of having a high bio content, it delivers sustainable credentials.

Also independently certified for use with blue roof applications.

We have two different systems dependent on the warranty length required being either 20 or 25 years.

AlphaGuard BIO 20 Flat Roof System

AlphaGuard BIO 25 Flat Roof System

AlphaGuard PUMA

AlphaGuard PUMA roofing system is a two-component solution that can be used to restore a variety of aging but still functional roof types, as well as roof replacement and new construction. An ideal option when a solution is required in wintery (colder) months and/or a quick curing solution.

Also independently certified for use with green roofs and biodiverse roof applications.

AlphaGuard PUMA Flat Roof System

AlphaGuard BlueShield

AlphaGuard BlueShield is a spray-applied structural waterproofing solution, also Tremco’s inverted roof solution ideally as a structural foundation to green roofs, blue roofs, and podiums/terraces.

AlphaGuard Blueshield Inverted Roof System

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