Tremco’s flooring products make a splash at new swimming facility.

Rejoice Chikosi / 21 July 2023

When installing flooring products, contractors and installers understand that it is advisable to select a manufacturer where the support and technical expertise is second to none. This is because the success of a construction project relies on more than the products that are used. When a swimming centre expanded to a new location within the UK, Tremco a brand of CPG UK, was trusted to deliver a fully compatible flooring solution as well as technical assistance to meet the requirements of the refurbishment project.

The Project

What was once a retail building, underwent refurbishment to accommodate the expansion. The new centre was designed to make a valuable contribution to the local community. As well as the swimming area, the plan was to include accessible changing facilities, a viewing lounge with refreshments, a play area, and lockers in the new building. With Tremco products assigned to the flooring areas, the new centre members, instructors and visitors can rest assured they have a well-prepared strong and solid substrate underpinning the centre’s floor coverings.

The Application

Contractors and installers not only trust Tremco products and the versatility of its range but value the technical assistance as well. This collaboration ensures a safe and reliable flooring installation for new build and refurbishment projects.

Once the floor had been prepared, the application of a liquid damp-proof membrane (DPM) was the next vital stage. DPMs are designed to protect floorcoverings from residual construction moisture and rising dampness. It works by bonding to the surface of the concrete, minimising moisture vapour transmission. Tremco’s ES100 was applied, which has been developed specifically for suppressing residual moisture in concrete and sand/cement subfloors - a very cost-effective option that requires single coat application therefore reducing time on site.

The next stage of the project saw the application of Tremco’s SX600NA High Performance Smoothing Compound for interior applications. The main benefits of using SX600NA is it can be applied onto the Tremco’s ES100 without the need for a primer reducing installation time. Smoothing compounds are used in the preparation of laying most floor coverings to create a smooth and even surface. With a walk on time of 2 hours, SX600NA can receive floor coverings after 4 hours.

Lastly, Tremco’s SF105 High Performance Acrylic Adhesive was applied over the smoothing compound to achieve a strong, permanent bond to the subsequent floor covering.

The Results

Mark Bradley, Technical Expert for Tremco, commented: “Working on refurbishment projects enables us to fully utilise the versatile capabilities of a Tremco flooring system. We are thrilled that we could support the refurbishment project of the new centre.

“Over the years, we have built relationships with our loyal customer base which we value greatly, resulting in more and more projects coming to fruition.

“We are proud to offer our customers with a full suite of services that encompasses a specialist range of high quality, affordable flooring solutions, as well as technical advice to select the right system for your installation.”

For further information about Tremco and our wider Tremco CPG UK family of brands, please get in touch today.