SX300 NA High Performance Latex Underlayment

SX300-NA High Performance Latex Underlayment

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SX300 NA is a two part general purpose smoothing underlayment for interior applications.


SX300 NA is specifically designed for the preparation and smoothing of interior subfloors prior to the application of a liquid applied damp proof membrane and receiving a floor covering.

Not suitable for use in areas that may be subject to high point loading.

Safety data sheet must be read and understood before use.

  • Water resistant: can be used for pre-smoothing
  • Excellent adhesion to a wide range of common flooring substrates, including: concrete, sand/cement screeds, flooring grade asphalt, TREMCO surface DPM’s, etc.
  • Self priming on most surfaces
  • Short setting and cure time, facilitating fast track programs and minimising disruption
  • Low odour and protein free
SX300NA Technical Data Sheet (en-GB).pdf TDS
SX300NAB Safety Data Sheet (en-GB).pdf Safety Data Sheets