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Flexible Wood Adhesive - Gun Grade

A high strength, flexible, single component advanced polymer adhesive for surface bonding most wood flooring. Packed in a handy 600 ml sausage for edge work or general usage.

For bonding most types of wood flooring including wood blocks, wood mosaic panels, engineered, laminated and solid wood plank/strip flooring.

Use over most common substrates, sand/cement screeds, concrete, calcium sulphate screeds, stone, metal, timber and epoxy membranes.

For other surfaces please consult Technical Services for suitability.

  • Strong and flexible
  • Permanently elastic bond
  • Solvent free and moisture free
  • Compatible with most underfloor heating systems


  • All phases of installation should comply with BS 8201, BS 8203, CP 102 and /or other local installation standards and codes of practice.


  • Ensure the subfloor is flat, clean, sound and dry and free from contaminants that may hinder adhesion, this includes paint, varnish, polish, old adhesive residues and plaster spots.
  • Existing wooden subfloors must have an intact base DPM.
  • The subfloor should be tested in accordance with British Standards, using a properly calibrated and
    insulated hygrometer.
  • A reading of 75% RH or less confirms that the subfloor is satisfactorily dry. Where this has not been attained, it is necessary to apply a TREMCO surface membrane to suppress residual moisture. For further information contact Technical Services.
  • Ensure the timber is acclimatised in accordance to the manufacturer’s instructions in the environment in which it is to be laid.
  • Always allow an expansion gap around any perimeters or columns to allow for natural movement of
    the wood when bonded.


  • Mechanically remove all surface treatments on concrete bases.
  • Repair any deep indentations in the subfloor with TREMCO SX400 Cementitious Repair Mortar.
  • Lightly abrade calcium sulphate to remove any surface laitance. Always prime before applying a suitable TREMCO smoothing compound to calcium sulphate screeds.
  • Apply a suitable TREMCO smoothing compound at a minimum thickness of 3 mm.
  • See relevant technical data sheet for full information.


  • Not recommended for use over existing floor coverings.


  • Ensure substrate is suitable for the adhesive before application. Very porous substrates can be primed with CS150 Acrylic Primer. Contact tremco illbruck Customer Services for details.


  • Cut of tip of sausage and place into suitable cartridge. Cut off top of nozzle flat to leave an 8 mm opening. Cut a ‘V’ shaped profile down into nozzle to a depth of approximately approx 10 mm. Fix nozzle and place cartridge containing sausage in sealant gun.
  • Hold gun at 90° to floor and extrude out a triangular shaped bead, approx 8 mm wide and 10 mm high at approximately 250 mm centres at right angles to the length of the plank.
  • Press firmly or gently tap the wood into the adhesive to ensure good overall contact. Where necessary use heavy objects to hold the wood firmly in place during curing time.
  • The bonded wood will be suitable to take foot traffic 6 to 8 hours after application. It should be left for 48 hours before sanding or varnishing takes place.

For full application information, refer to product data sheet or contact tremco illbruck customer services on 01942 251400

Technical data

CompositionSF550 Gun Grade Flexible Wood Adhesive is
formulated from advanced polymer technology
Open Time/Workability (at +20°C)Approximately 20 minutes
Application Temperature Range+4°C to +30°C
Service Temperature-20°C to +60°C
CoverageOne 600 ml sausage will bond approximately
2 m² of flooring when applied as directed
StorageStore in dry conditions between +5°C and +25°C
Shelf Life12 months from manufacturing date, when stored
as recommended in original unopened containers
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