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JS880 is a one-component polyisobutylene-based primary sealant specially developed for the manufacturing of triple glass sheet and large-size IG units.

  • High mechanical resistance
  • Very good resistance to high temperatures
  • Flexible at low temperature
  • High ultraviolet resistance
  • Very good adhesion to glass, aluminium, galvanized steel, stainless steel and Warm Edge spacers
  • No fogging
  • Very low moisture and gas permeability    
  • Very easy to use

    *Please contact us for estimates on delivery times for this products as lead times differ per country.


  • JS880 can be applied with extrusion machines that are commonly used in the insulating glass industry at a temperature of +120°C to +140°C depending on the desired pressure and extrusion speed.
  • Wearing gloves is recommended while handling frames to prevent any fatty materials from being deposited on the surfaces, since this could weaken adherence and even create fogging.
  • Apply a regular and continuous strip following a minimum pre-established thickness.
  • Compression must ensure regular and sufficient deformation of the JS880 strip.
  • Pay particular attention to the continuity of the JS880 strip in the corners.

For full application details, please refer to our Technical Data Sheet.

Technical data

Density*1.07 g/cm³
MVTR< 0.1 g/( m² ∙ 24h ∙ 2mm)
Gas Permeability< 0.001 g/( m² ∙ 24h ∙ 2mm)
Extrusion Temperature+120°C to +140°C

* Typical values

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