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AlphaGuard BIO Top Coat

CP820 is a two-part, bio-based, polyurethane roof coating.

The AlphaGuard BIO System can be used in a variety of refurbishment and new construction projects, including: warm roof, inverted roof and vegetative roof systems. CP820 is used as a surfacing over CP720 and reinforcement.

  • Bio Content
    - High bio content makes product sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Reflective Top Coat
    - Lower surface temperature
    - Potential Energy Savings
  • Catalysed Cure
    - Results in faster cure times than similar one-component products
  • Versatile
    - Suitable for use over many substrates/roof types
  • High Solids
    - 100% solids
  • Low VOC
    - Low odour
    - Meets California VOC limits
  • Chemical Resistant
    - Resistant to a wide variety of harmful chemicals

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