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AlphaGuard® Glass Mat - Highly Conformable Glass Mat

CP585 is a medium-fine fibre, rapid wetting chopped strand mat.

CP585 is used as a reinforcement mat for AlphaGuard systems. CP585 is a durable, long lasting reinforcement which will not shrink or deteriorate over the service life of the system. CP585 is used for the field and flashings.
When CP585 is used as a reinforcement with AlphaGuard systems, the resulting membrane provides excellent performance as a roof restoration system for use over smooth BUR, modified bitumen or selected single ply systems. CP585 provides a stable carrier which will give the roof restoration system long term strength and durability.

  • Superior Mechanical Properties
    - Durable roof system properties and resin compatibility
  • High Elongation, Flexibility
    - Ability to combine with AlphaGuard BIO materials to provide longterm performance
  • Fibreglass
    - Non-rotting, sturdy material
  • Highly Soluble
    - Open fabric allows penetration of the coating binder

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