Smoothing Compounds

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Can Tremco SX100 be Applied Over Chipboard?

Tremco recommends that particle boards such as Chipboard are overlaid using SP101 6mm Plywood.

Do you need to prime with SX302?

All cementitious underlayments require a primer when applying to a Calcium Sulphate substrate. A primer may also be required when applying to very porous concrete and sand cement screed. 

When Should use Primers With SX300-NA and SX600-NA?

If being applied over a surface damp proof membrane which has been left for too long before over coating.

What is the Difference Between SX300-NA and SX600-NA?

SX600-NA is a fast drying high performance smoothing compound, which can take floor covering after 4 hours. Due to the superior technologies used the applications of use are much greater than that of SX300-NA. SX600-NA can be applied to firmly bonded vinyl tiles, wood substrates, ceramic tiles, metal etc. SX600-NA is the better option for use with domestic underfloor heating mats.