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Compriband Jointspan Adhesive

CP202 is a water based flexible adhesive.

A Water-based adhesive that remians flexible.

  • Cures through Water loss
  • White Colour
  • Seals CP201 Compriband Joint Span to substrates

CP202 Adhesive is water-based and drying is slow in cold conditions or conditions of high humidity.  The adhesive is very slow drying on non-porous surfaces, such as galvanised steel.  Special consideration is required in these circumstances.  Good air flow is essential around these joints while curing, and the user is advised to ensure adhesion to the substrate is satisfactory before use.

Technical data

Cure SystemWater loss
Specific Gravity1.3 - 1.4
pH8.5 - 9.2
Solids Content (&w/w)>58%
Application Temperature Range+10°C to +30°C
Service Temperature Range-15°C to +75°C
DurabilityUp to 15 years when used as recommended.
StorageStore in cool dry conditions. AVOID FROST and extremes of temperature.
Shelf Life12 months when stored as recommended in original unopened containers
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