Tremco wins in Healthcare - Care Homes Category at the CFJ Awards 2023

Rejoice Chikosi / 28 September 2023

Tremco, a brand of Tremco CPG UK, won in the Healthcare - Care Homes Category alongside Beveridge Flooring Ltd and Danfloor UK at the CFJ Awards 2023.

The event, which serves as a major platform for industry leaders and associated companies within the industrial and commercial flooring sector, took place at a brand-new venue IXL Events Centre (Dallas Burston Polo Club) on Friday, September 8th, 2023.

The CFJ Awards, an annual celebration of excellence within the flooring industry, honours outstanding achievements from the past year. Tremco's victory underscores its commitment to innovation and excellence in flooring solutions.

The award-winning project harnessed the power of Tremco’s full system solution where three Tremco products ES100 Damp-Proof Membrane, CS190 Gritty Primer and SX300-NA Smoothing Compound were applied.

Tremco’s ES100 has been developed specifically for suppressing residual moisture in concrete and sand/cement subfloors. Its single-coat liquid application guarantees a reliable surface damp-proof membrane, echoing our position as the original founders of damp-proof membranes. ES100 has built on years of experience and is renowned for quality.

The project also benefitted from Tremco’s CS190 Gritty Primer which provides a textured surface, giving an excellent bonding surface for self-levelling/smoothing compounds and screeds.

The smoothing compound which formed part of this system is SX300-NA which is a is a two-part general purpose smoothing underlayment designed for interior applications. Characterised by its rapid setting and curing time, SX300-NA enables fast track programmes, minimising disruptions. Its low odour and protein-free composition further contribute to its fantastic benefits.

Mark Leigh, Sales Director for the Flooring Division at Tremco CPG UK, expressed his delight at this win: “Great achievement from Tremco. The Heathland House Project showcases the remarkable synergy of flooring solutions and the exceptional skills of our applicator partners. This win is also a testament to Tremco’s commitment to delivering trusted flooring solutions.

He added: “It’s great to see the flooring industry come together to celebrate success, and I extend my heartfelt congratulations to all the other deserving winners.”

With a range of product areas such as damp-proof membranes, smoothing compounds and adhesives, our products are known for their lasting performance - which is what Tremco stands for. Tremco has been the UK’s preferred choice for flooring solutions, with our products trusted to deliver and achieve the desired results time and time again.