AlphaGuard Blueshield from Tremco: Proven performance. Standout fire compliance

Keely Warren / 27 November 2023
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With space across the UK at such a premium, utilising every available inch can bring a whole host of benefits. With AlphaGuard Blueshield from Tremco, external finishes can be applied at roof level meaning, buildings can be optimised to encompass a range of recreational and sustainable finishes from paving with seating and planters, to green and blue roofs. This can help encourage local biodiversity, support the human need for nature in the built environment and mitigate flood risk (SuDS).

Tremco recognise the importance of independent testing to reassure building stakeholders. In response, they have sought extensive testing to ensure its tailored systems are perfectly aligned to the specific requirements of sustainable roofs being:

Highly Durable: Designed to withstand the load bearing weight of external finishes whether a podium or green roof.

Resistant: Engineered with root resistant technologies to avoid puncture causing water ingress

Environmentally Friendly: Ensuring no toxication to the living nature of green roofs and biodiverse roofs

Safey and compliance: Meeting the latest building standards for thermal efficiency and fire safety.

Focussed on fire performance

The AlphaGuard Blueshield system has been extensively tested and independently certified by the BBA in the UK with the highest possible fire classification; Broof(t4) under BS EN 130501-5 2016.

Tremco was comprehensive in its approach, testing a broad range of scenarios combining AlphaGuard Blueshield with varying insulation types and thicknesses to ensure that all solutions were compliant with thermal efficiency standards whilst achieving Broof(t4) classification.

The system has also been vigorously fire-tested with external finishes, including sedum, ballasted, and paving systems for green roofs, recreational podiums, and for the foundation for solar PV. Additionally, further fire tests were carried out to include a blue roof build-up, testing with sedum, ballasted, and paving systems.

Tremco’s expanded approach to testing means that the build-up, with its combined elements, works harmoniously in mitigating the risks of fire. It should be reassuring that whether an inverted or blue roof inverted system is required – AlphaGuard Blueshield is fully compliant to fire safety requirements. The NHBC considers fire performance a key component of building safety. Therefore, the thorough approach Tremco has adopted should give specifiers total peace of mind.

Alongside the extensive fire testing, it also has a certified durability of up to the design life of the roof of which it is incorporated. The system complies with BS 6229:2018 and the guidance outlined in NHBC technical requirements for flat roofs and balconies.

Expertly formulated by chemists to be safe for the environment, along with its ease of application, AlphaGuard Blueshield delivers the perfect balance between design, aesthetics, durability, and practical performance.

AlphaGuard Blueshield has been specified in numerous prestigious and demanding builds such as; Tottenham Hotspurs new stadium, where the 16,000m2 area required an effective and proven inverted system at podium level. Then there is the multi-award-winning Battersea Reach development on the banks of the River Thames in the heart of London. Here AlphaGuard Blueshield is the foundation for the roof, terraces and podiums across the whole 8000m2 project.

A single point solution, installed by experts

Bespoke design drawings/packages can be created based on the requirements of the scheme and design liability. AlphaGuard Blueshield system is also available to add to specifications via NBS.

AlphaGuard Blueshield is installed by StructureCare, Tremco CPG UK's specialist contractor. It offers end clients full assurance as the whole roof design, supply, and installation is managed from a single point.

Project-specific warranties are available for all completed AlphaGuard Blueshield projects.

Tremco on the global stage

AlphaGuard Blueshield is manufactured here in the UK by Tremco CPG UK. Tremco CPG UK is part of RPM International Inc. - one of the world’s leading construction products companies for both the industrial and consumer segments.

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