Quayside Tower - Broad Street, Birmingham

TREMCO / 28 July 2022

TREMCO MMA Rapid Cure Flexible System was carefully chosen for use on the Quayside Tower, Birmingham.

Quayside Tower - Broad Street, Birmingham


Mourant and Co. Trust Ltd


April 2013

Systems Used

TREMCO MMA Rapid Cure Flexible System

MMA Internal System


1,600 m²

Contractors Presteck UK Ltd, selected the system on balance of previous track record, the existing relationship that they have with TREMCO and the cost advantages of using this system. The major benefits of the MMA Rapid Cure Flexible System are that curing time can be as little as 30 minutes in ideal conditions and it can be applied at very low temperatures, making it an ideal product for the UK’s unpredictable weather. The advantages of using the MMA System for the contractor were that it could be applied during the cold winter months whilst still facilitating the fast track installation that was required.

The car park suffered from detailing problems at the interface with the building and at large construction joints but TREMCO were able to help resolve these issues with the use of CP365, a new product recently added to the range. As a result of an existing relationship, the contractors were aware that TREMCO Technical Services Department would be available to assist throughout the construction process. With Quayside Towers, the Technical Services Department provided detailed instruction and support for use of the new product at the problematic detailing.