Lonza Car Park - Slough

TREMCO / 28 July 2022

The project consists of a brand new MSCP for pharmaceutical company Lonza, who due to expanding their facilities on the Slough Estate require additional staff parking. 

Lonza Car Park




May 2013

Systems Used

TREMCO CP Urethane System (Roof Deck)

MMA Internal System


6,512 m²

Huber is providing a bespoke structure using their modular system that utilises galvanised steel frame, permanent metal decking with in-situ concrete. TREMCO's CP Urethane system was specified for the roof deck while the MMA Internal System was specified for the intermediate decks. By being able to offer a range of products, TREMCO were able to meet the client’s requirements of a fast track application with products that have a proven track record. The system was enhanced by TREMCO's many years of experience within the waterproofing market and the ongoing site and technical support that we offer.

While on site, the project was hit with many weeks of bad weather which resulted in the concrete slab getting wet. To prevent the systems being applied to a wet slab which could ultimately result in a failure, TREMCO attended the site regularly along with the site manager and specialist waterproofing applicator to make sure that the slab had reached the correct moisture content level before work could start again.