John Lewis MSCP - Exeter

TREMCO / 28 July 2022

Matrix Solutions won the contract for the refurbishment and rebranding of the car park on the basis of a value engineered solution using high-performance TREMCO systems.

John Lewis MSCP


Exeter City Council



Systems Used and Coverage

TREMCO MMA Rapid Cure Internal Decking System - 8,100 m²

TREMCO MMA Rapid Cure Waterproofing System - 2,700 m²

TREMCO CP470 - 11,000 m²

The systems were tailored to meet the different requirements of various parts of the structure; in high-demand areas such as the spiral ramps, a crushed basalt aggregate was used to meet the increased wear and traction demands. On the roof decks an elastomericcrack-bridging system was used to meet the demands of thermal and other cyclic movement; CP470 was applied to soffits to improve light levels and provide an effective anti-carbonation treatment to prevent concrete degradation.

The works were part of a package of measures to upgrade the car park to maximise usage through its location as the most convenient parking for the flagship John Lewis store for which it has been re-branded to serve.

This project was named “Best Car Park Refurbishment of the Year” and overall winner at the British Parking Awards.