CS980 Concrete and Paving Sealer

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CS980 penetrates deep porous concrete and hardens to provide a dustproofed surface. It can also assist with stabilising jointing sand, or to protect the integrity of block paving.


CS980 has a variety of uses: Concrete / screed: ideal for most industrial floors including warehouses, machine shops, etc. Block paving: footpaths, pedestrian precincts, domestic driveways, office car parks, retail parks and highways. Stone / granite / basalt - may be used to impregnate the surface and reduce the porosity. LIMITATIONS Highly polished powerfloated concrete is often sealed with curing agents which may reduce the penetration of CS980. A small test patch should be done first to check suitability.

Safety data sheets must be read and understood before use.

  • Solvent free - no strong odour
  • Long performance life and stable under normal UV radiation
  • Reduces staining and makes the surface much easier to clean
  • Inhibits water/fuel penetration and inhibits weed growth
  • Resistant to petrol, oil and diesel spillages
CS980 Safety Data Sheet (en-GB).pdf Safety Data Sheets
CS980 Technical Data Sheet (en-GB).pdf Product Data Sheets
CS980 Technical Data Sheet (en-GB).pdf Product Data Sheets