Spotlight on our High Performance Rapid Set Smoothing Compound SX600NA

Rejoice Chikosi / 22 September 2023


Highly versatile and offering a number of user-friendly, high performance benefits, Tremco’s SX600NA has been developed for refurbishment work as well as fast-track projects where speed is of the essence.

The ammonia-free, cementitious-based smoothing underlayment is moisture-tolerant, making it suitable for use beneath a damp-proof membrane. It can be applied over our widely specified DPMs, such as Tremco’s ES100, without the need for priming.

Crucially, it can be used to smooth irregularities in an existing sub-floor, including where old adhesive residue is still in evidence – avoiding time-consuming removal operations - before being walked on just two hours later. New floorcoverings can be applied after a further two hours.

Tremco’s SX600NA is supplied in 20kg plastic-lined paper sacks of grey powder, together with bottles containing the 5kg of white latex liquid required for mixing on site. Pot life is 20 minutes before initial set while, at an average thickness of 3mm, one mix will give a coverage of approximately 5m² - this will depend on the condition of the substrate and method of preparation (please refer to Tremco CPG UK Limited Technical Department).

The advantageous application and performance characteristics of Tremco’s SX600NA have led to its widespread use across a number of sectors. These include commercial and retail work where overnight completion is often imperative or, in social housing maintenance work, where tenants’ properties must be handed back within the day. The low odour also makes Tremco’s SX600NA ideal for food preparation areas or other sensitive locations.

Tremco’s SX600NA is available through our local and national distributor partners, and we also offer a full specification and technical support service.