Liquid Applied Adhesion Test for Flat Roofs

Keely Warren / 06 December 2023

Before you restore a roof, it's important to conduct an adhesion test to make sure the overlay solution is compatible with the current top layer of the roof system. 

Step-by-step how-to video for conducting field adhesion testing of liquid-applied products on flat roofs.

Step 1 - Clean with damp rag and allow to dry

Step 2 - Tap area to outline tests

Step 3 - Conduct tests with and without primer

Step 4 - Allow for a 1 inch gap around all test patches 

Step 5 - Apply base coat 

Step 6 - Immediately apply a second layer

Step 7 - While wet pull off tape 

Step 8 - Allow sample to cure 

Step 9 - Score edges of fabric 

Step 10 - Tie overhand know and insert hook

Step 11 - Pull fabric backward at 180 degree angle