Do more with your carpet floor with Tremco’s SF110

Rejoice Chikosi / 19 January 2024

SF110 is an acrylic based multi-purpose adhesive which has good bond strength and a long open time. Suitable for bonding a wide range of carpets and designed to deliver long-lasting adhesion, SF110 is the perfect non-staining solution for quick installations.

One of the key benefits of SF110 is the long open time. Depending on temperature, humidity subfloor porosity and trowel used, SF110 has an open time and workability of approximately 20-40 mins. This means there is enough time to lay your carpet without compromising the strong bond. Tremco’s SF110 adhesive is available in 15 kg polythene pails and is also easy to trowel making the application process smooth and efficient.

Key benefits:

  • Good initial grab.
  • Long open time.
  • Suitable for bonding a wide range of carpets.
  • Clean to use, non-staining.

Available through Tremco’s partner distributors, which can be located via our website here.

How can Tremco support you?

The team at Tremco are always on hand to provide expert advice to help you achieve an optimum installation where required.

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