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JS562 HD

JS562 HD is a high modulus two-component elastomeric, neutral curing silicone sealant specifically developed for gas-filled IG manufacturing.

  • Neutral sealant with no strong odor
  • Excellent adhesion to glass, aluminium and galvanized steel
  • Excellent resistance to natural ageing
  • Part B is non-abrasive
  • Compatible with PIB primary sealants JS680, JS780 and JS880
  • Application of insulating glass for SSG systems and all insulating glass subject to (direct or indirect) ultraviolet exposure
  • High thixotropic behavior (no slump)
  • Adjustable working time

*Please contact us for estimates on delivery times for this products as lead times differ per country.


  • JS562 HD is compatible with all types of manual and robotic dispensing equipment currently available.
  • In Part B, we recommend using a circuit lined with PTFE to minimize moisture penetration.
  • After application, there should be no air entrapped between JS562 HD and the primary sealant.
  • Make sure there are no air bubbles in the corners.
  • JS562 HD, after mixing, must be homogeneous.
  • Parts A and B must be used as soon as the packages are opened.
  • Compliance with implementation conditions: users must ensure compliance with the recommendations of inspection bodies or with our recommendations.

For full application details, please refer to our Technical Data Sheet.

Technical data

TypeTwo-component neutral silicone
Mixing Ratio (by volume)100:10/110:10
Working Time*30-60 minutes
Open Time*15 minutes
Shore A Hardness35
Tensile Strength> 1.0 MPa

*Typical values


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