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TREMCO specification success in face of Irish Sea gales


An integrated selection of waterproofing and wearing course products from the range of tremco illbruck has been successfully utilised to complete the top deck of a car park which was topped out during the depths of last winter, in one of the most exposed parts of the British Isles.

The new multi-storey car park has been constructed by Dandara to serve the headquarters of Zurich International, located on the Isle of Mann Business Park, close by the Irish Sea in the capital, Douglas.

Thelwell Flooring from the Wirral was the specialist sub-contractor which undertook the sequenced installation of the TREMCO ES100 One Coat Universal DPM, TREMCO CP360 MMA Flexible Membrane and other products to address the extreme weather conditions; providing both short term and long term protection against the elements.


Mike Purcell, Regional Sales Manager for tremco illbruck, commented: “We assisted Thelwell Flooring in putting together a specification which fully respected the exposure conditions for this project and the time of year it was being carried out. The ES100, CP360, CP215 MMA Flexible Base Coat and CP930 MMA Waterproof Sealer are well proven in providing excellent durability in such situations, but their application characteristics are also ideal for use in adverse conditions: offering rapid curing at low temperatures.”


Mike Thelwell, Managing Director of Thelwell Flooring, confirmed: “We make regular use of the TREMCO range for work right across the country, but this was a particularly challenging project where the new deck required protection from the outset. We began in November after the concrete work was completed – applying TREMCO ES100 One Coat Universal DPM to protect it through the worst of the winter. We then returned to complete our installation in February, making use of the CP360, CP215 and CP930. This was a bespoke solution for the client due to the time of year the work had to be carried out.”

The recently cast concrete was grit-blasted prior to the application of ES100 to remove the surface finish and improve adhesion. Then when Thelwell’s operatives returned after three months they used bands of the TREMCO CP360 to reinforce all of the construction joints. This was followed by a full coat of the CP360 across the entire 1,800 sm of the car park’s upper deck, and then a wearing course of TREMCO CP215, blinded with aggregate to provide extra texture.

Finally the TREMCO CP930 sealer coat was applied, pigmented in blue and grey to identify the parking bays and circulation routes.