Roof Diagnostics

Roof diagnostics use the ‘science of early detection’ to determine the condition of the roof by identifying, plotting, and visually demonstrating areas of concern, if present. This can then be followed by refurbishment if issues are found or a proactive preventative maintenance programme can be determined (TremCare).

Hidden moisture can be detrimental to the roof. It wastes energy and can cause damage not only to the roof but internal fixtures, and even the building’s structure. Stop it early and a cost-effective fix can be carried out, if left, an intrusive, disruptive, and expensive roof replacement might be required.

We have a range of technologies as part of our survey and diagnostics service that can be used to detect the presence of moisture in your roof’s build-up.

Roof diagnostic service

Every analysis starts with a visual inspection of the roof surface, including photos of roof details and construction. The survey then

  • Thermal mapping of every square metre of the roof to detect wet, defective areas either through infrared or nuclear technology (dependent on climate variables).
  • Wet areas physically outlined for further analysis.
  • Thermal images and scaled roof drawings to show size and location of wet areas.
  • Verification via core sampling and Tramex equipment. All roof cores are immediately repaired to ensure waterproofing continuity.
  • Detailed report to document the results covering the location, the extent of moisture and the recommended action to take.

The benefits

  • Accurately identifies wet insulation with minimal invasive testing of the roofing system.
  • Takes the guesswork out of roof analysis by using scientific data and comprehensive reporting.
  • Knowing the condition of an asset is necessary for asset management, this data can also help with the implementation of planned preventative maintenance (PPM). A programme can be tailored to mitigate water ingress issues in the future.
  • If issues are present, and depending on their severity, Tremco can support with reactive maintenance and refurbishment.
  • Fundamentally, this data reduces life cycle costs by helping prevent the spread of moisture throughout the entire roof system, avoiding costly replacement. 
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