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Flooring Systems

CPG UK understands flooring. Even more importantly, we understand the concerns and needs of building owners. We recognise they need total peace of mind about the integrity and condition of their asset - and the cost of keeping it that way; so, whether for new build or refurbishment, CPG UK provides much more than just products. We provide a total start to finish service.

CPG UK flooring systems are designed to give you a complete solution, and specifically:  

For Property Owners

  • New or renewed, extended service life for your floor
  • Minimal disruption to normal operations during renovation
  • Reduced long-term maintenance costs  

For Project Specifiers

  • Thorough investigation, analysis and expert diagnosis
  • Tailored, guaranteed long-term solutions
  • Experienced assistance with project implementation

This unrivalled service is the result of a continuous programme of development - and application experience - spanning over 75 years. Over this period, CPG UK has been a leading supplier of flooring solutions for contract, commercial and industrial applications.

At CPG UK we have many years experience with specifying various system build-ups to suit the exact needs of the client. We are pleased to be fully involved in the design and specification of the floor finish with clients and architects.

Damp Proof Membranes

CPG UK created the market for damp proof membranes when we launched our ES100, the market leading epoxy damp proof membrane. Over the years our range has expanded and we can now offer our customers fast curing solutions, sheet membranes and water based moisture vapour suppressants. The correct choice of DPM or MVS depends upon a careful assessment of the substrate and, in particular, its moisture content, if you are unsure or need further advice our technical service team can provide guidance.

Smoothing Compounds

We have a range of water mixed and two part latex underlayment's to ensure that we have the right product for every application. Innovation is key at CPG UK and an area where this is most apparent is with our smoothing compounds. We have continued to invest in development and our range now boasts products that incorporate new shrinkage systems, new flow systems and low emission polymers. Our latest development is SX500 which includes recycled content.


The choice of adhesive is dictated by the type of floor covering and this, in turn, is dictated by the use of the room in which the floor is laid. Some floors – for example in factories, hospitals or kitchens – may need to be heat-resistant, water-resistant or waterproof. Some floors might need to conform to a specific BREEAM rating; for health and safety reasons, low VOC adhesives might be required.

For the most complex installations which might combine several specific requirements including heat or moisture resistance, low-VOC, non-allergenic qualities or flexibility, a range of high performance hybrid polymer adhesives is available.