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Smoothing Compounds

A smoothing compound, commonly referred to as a "self levelling compound" is used in the preparation of laying most floor coverings to create a smooth and level surface. 

What is the purpose of a smoothing compound?

To obtain a smooth, resilient and solid finished floor, a high quaility smoothing compound is an absolute necessity. The TREMCO range of smoothing compounds, are designed to save flooring contractors valuable time and money, with compeittive walk-on times and drying times. Smoothing compounds give concrete floor the flexibility they require to move without cracking. Once a smoothing compound is mixed and laid, they will flatten across an uneven floor and use gravity to self-level. 

The Types of Smoothing Compounds

  • Two Part Latex Underlayment's - general purpose, high performance, and damp tolerant grades 
  • Water Mixed Underlayment's - hand or pump applied for heavy duty applications 
  • Repair Compounds - patch repair and feather edge compounds for specialist applicators 
  • Specialist Floor Screeds - fibre filled pumpable underlayment for flexing subfloor or difficult substrates 

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