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JS336 is a butyl-based hot melt sealant for IG units.

  • No metering required (one-component)
  • Limited waste upon application   
  • Very fast handling of insulating glass after cooling down (a few minutes)   
  • Excellent adhesion to glass, aluminium, galvanized steel and Warm Edge spacers   
  • Easy to apply    
  • No cleaning or purging of dispensing equipment required  
  • Neat corner finishing
  • Very low moisture vapor permeability   
  • Solvent-free
*Please contact us for estimates on delivery times for this products as lead times differ per country.


  • JS336 is compatible with all types of manual and robotic dispensing equipment currently available.
  • The product must be applied on a clean and dry surface.
  • Ensure that the machine flow rate is adjusted according to the air space to be filled.
  • The product should be applied into the cavity of the IG units in such a manner that complete wetting of the glass and spacer occurs.
  • In case of single barrier, IG unit glass/spacer bar assembly must be kept tight (clips, grips with beam) during JS336 application.
  • The minimum thickness of the sealing joint must be > 3mm.
  • Recommended extrusion temperature: from +175°C to +185°C at applicator nozzle outlet. Check the application temperatures every day with a probe thermometer.

For full application details, please refer to our Technical Data Sheet.

Technical data

TypeHotmelt Butyl
Density*1.14 g/cm³
MVTR< 0.06 g/( m² 24h 2mm)
Extrusion Temperature+175°C to +185°C

* Typical values

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