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Bulk DPM

ES400 is a two part epoxy moisture vapour suppressant and surface damp proof membrane.

Developed specifically for suppressing residual moisture on concrete and sand/cement subfloors and provides a surface damp proof membrane.

  • Designed as a primer for new concrete and sand/cement screed floors
  • Easy to apply
  • Packaged in bulk 1000 kg IBC units to reduce packaging waste on site
  • Hygrometer readings of up to 97% RH (measurable) can be accommodated (99.9% theoretically)
  • Cost effective

Moisture Testing
(in accordance with British Standards 8203)

  • Hygrometer readings must be taken and recorded so that the correct system can be selected.
  • Concrete curing compounds and over-trowelled concrete will extend the time taken for the hygrometer to reach equilibrium.
  • Subfloor measurement readings of up to 97% RH (measurable) can be accommodated with the system (99.9% theoretically).


Condition the contents by storing for 24 hours at +15°C to +25°C as cooler temperatures will increase viscosity and make application more difficult. Higher temperatures will speed the chemical reaction and therefore reduce working pot life.


  • The surface must be firm, sound, clean, dry and free of any other contaminants liable to prevent penetration into the substrate or adhesion to the surface.

N.B. Concrete curing agents and admixtures and the misuse of these products can impair adhesion. Where doubt exists, or compatibility is unknown, a trial adhesion test with ES400 Bulk DPM should be carried out and the Technical Department must be consulted.

  • Remove all surface dust, etc., by industrial vacuum cleaning. Machine scarifying or shot blasting will be necessary for removal of incompatible curing agents, admixtures or other stubborn surface contamination. Shot blasting is also recommended on lightly polished surfaces.


  • In most circumstances no priming is required.
  • For further information please contact tremco illbruck Technical Services.


ES400 hardens by a chemical reaction. It is essential that mixing instructions are strictly adhered to:

  • Although supplied in equal 1000 kg IBC quantities, it is essential that the two components are only mixed in the following ratio:
    Component A decant 6.25 kg
    Component B decant 3.75 kg

This will provide 10 kg of mixed material.
1) Decant the components as above into suitable containers, with sufficient volume to mix the two together in one container.
2) Using a suitable slow speed drill fitted with a suitable two bladed mixer paddle, mix the contents for three to five minutes to ensure adequate mixing. Ensure all materials from the base and sides of the containers are mixed in thoroughly to ensure a uniform cure.
3) Higher temperatures will reduce usable life.


  • Take hygrometer readings (BS 8203) and select the appropriate TREMCO System applicable for the prepared base.
  • Apply an even coat of the mixed ES400 by means of a 2 mm x 5 mm notched trowel. Whilst the ES400 is still wet, flatten out the serration ridges with a long handled fluff-free roller, initially
    pre-wetted with mixed ES400.

Note: This method provides further control of film thickness by helping to ensure that the coverage is not over extended.

  • Do not exceed a coverage of 4.0m²/kg
  • It is essential that the applied coating is continuous and free from pinholes or weak spots, otherwise an additional application will be necessary.
  • The coating thickness must not be less than 200 microns per coat.
  • The coating thickness must not be less than 200 microns per coat.
  • Allow to cure for 3 to 4.5 hours minimum at a preferred ambient temperature of no less than +18°C, before the application of TREMCO underlayments or specified TREMCO adhesives.

For full application information, refer to product data sheet or contact tremco illbruck customer services on 01942 251400

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Technical data

CompositionTwo part epoxy coating system
Pot Life45 minutes
Density (at +25°C)1.16 - 1.18
Water ResistanceExcellent
Chemical ResistanceGood
Mix RatioA:B 1.7:1 by weight
Coverage4 m²/kg depending on method of application
and condition of substrate to give a dry film
thickness of 200 microns per coat
Hardening Time5-6 hours
Service Temperature Range-20°C to +80°C
StorageStore between +5°C and +25°C
Rotate stock using oldest material first
Shelf Life6 months when stored in its original unopened containers
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