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Industrial Wearing Screed

CS375 is a cementitious, self levelling flooring compound for interior applications.

CS375 is specifically designed for industrial warehouses, and production areas where wear resistance is essential.

  • High abrasion resistance, suitable as an industrial wearing screed
  • Accepts full forklift traffic and is extremely durable
  • Can be pumped up to 2,000 m² per day with an application range of 5 mm - 25mm providing a quality solution that is quick and cost effective to apply
  • Can be overcoated with CS930 Epoxy Dustproofer & CS900 Epoxy Coating to provide a decorative functional finish
  • Very low VOC / protein free, the product complies with HTM 61 requirements

Technical data


RESULT (Typical Values for Pigmented CP930) 


A blend of special cements, graded fillers, modified polymers and flow admixtures


Wet 2,000 kg/m³

Open Time / Workability
(at +20°C)

30 minutes

Compressive Strength
24 hours >20 N/mm²
28 days >35 N/mm²

Cure Time
Approximately 4 hours for foot traffic and 18 hours for light traffic. Allow 24 hrs under good ambient conditions for full forklift traffic.
Coverage1.7 kg/mm/m²
StorageStore in dry shaded conditions between 5°C and +35°C
Shelf Life12 months when stored as recommended in original unopened containers
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