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Medium Fine Sand

CP508 is a medium-fine natural quartz sand.

CP508 Medium Fine Sand is used as a blinding for CP150 MMA Concrete Primer and CP100 Polyurea Asphalt Primer.

  • Improves characteristics of finished flooring
  • Used to promote adhesion between
  • MMA Primers and MMA Resins
  • Tested and approved for use with MMA Resins

Method of Application

For full application details, refer to product data sheet or contact tremco illbruck customer services on 01942 251400.

Technical data

CompositionGraded silicon dioxide
Particle Size0.3 - 0.7 mm
(DIN 51757
@ +20°C)
2.85 g/cm³
StorageStore in cool, dry, shaded conditions
Shelf Life12 months when stored in dry conditions in original unopened containers
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