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Rapid Cure Membrane

CP380 is a heavy duty waterproofing system based on polyurethane modified methacrylates.

CP380 is ideal for the repair, renovation and waterproofing of roof systems. CP380 can also be used for the waterproofing of construction details.

  • Highly elastic membrane based on unique PUMA technology
  • Excellent crack bridging performance
  • 100% waterproof and UV protected
  • Very fast curing; 30 minutes at +15°C
  • Highest resistance at extremely low and high temperatures (in accordance with ETAG 005)
  • Possibility to apply at very low temperatures (0°C)
  • High vapour permeability

Surface Preparation

  • The area to be waterproofed must be dry, clean, free from contamination and free of dirt, grease, oil and other elements which could prevent good adhesion to the substrate.
  • A smooth, level surface is required to ensure the consistent application of a minimum 2 mm dry film thickness of CP380.
  • Metal parts should be rust free and thoroughly prepared.
  • Bubbles and imperfections should be repaired according to good roof practice.


  • No primer needed on metals, glass, asphalt, PVC and most bitumen felt.
  • For concrete, wood and cement substrates, use CP150 Primer before the application of CP380.


  • Prior to use, CP380 must be carefully stirred to achieve a uniform distribution of the paraffin contained in the product.
  • CP380 is then thoroughly mixed together with the CP510 Initiator (50% dibenzoyl peroxide).
  • The amount of catalyst powder to be added depends upon the temperature.
  • In order to provide the required workability for all detailing work, CP520 Thixotropic Filler should be added to the CP380 at a rate of 2% by weight.

Addition of Initiator

A typical addition rate for 20°C or below is 2% addition of initiator by weight of the resin. For temperatures above 20°C, please contact tremco illbruck Technical Services.
100 gm CP510 Initiator = 150 ml

Method of Application

  • CP380 is applied using a rake, roller, or rubber squeegee.
  • Consumption: ± 2.8 kg/m² for the 2 layers.
  • Apply 1.2 kg/m² CP380.
  • In the wet coating, bed in CP581 Reinforcement Fabric and apply a second layer wet on wet of 1.6 kg/m² CP380. Ensure an overlap of at least 50 mm of each fleece strip.
  • Let cure and when fully cured apply CP930 Waterproof Sealer if required.

For full application details, refer to product data sheet or contact tremco illbruck customer services on 01942 251400.

Technical data

CompositionBased on polyurethane modified methacrylate
Density1.36 g/ml
Consumption2.8 kg/m² in 2 layers to obtain 2 mm
Pot Life
(15°C to 20°C)
± 15 minutes
Cure Time
(15°C, 50% RH)
± 30 minutes
Rain Resistant± 20 minutes
Application Temperaturefrom 0°C to +30°C
StorageStore between +15°C and +20°C
Shelf Life6 months when stored as recommended in original unopened containers
Refer to Product Data Sheet

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