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MMA Flexible Membrane

CP360 is a medium viscosity, modified MMA, pre-reacted 100% solid membrane system based on acrylic monomers. To initiate curing, just add CP510 MMA Initiator.

CP360 is designed as a simple to apply, highly elastomeric liquid waterproofing membrane and coating.

The cured product is a very flexible crack-bridging membrane that retains its flexibility and crack-bridging performance in service even when the temperature reaches –20°C.

The domains of application for CP360 include:

  • As a bridge deck waterproofing membrane, onto which asphalt at temperatures up to 250°C can be directly applied.
  • For the sub-grade waterproofing of buildings and civil engineering structures, including underneath ground slabs.
  • The waterproofing of concrete and metal railway bridges including directly under track ballast.
  • The waterproofing of pedestrian and vehicular trafficked areas (e.g. balconies, car parks, etc.)
  • The protection and waterproofing of stadium terracing
  • The waterproofing of tunnels, channels and dam structures.
  • The waterproofing of containment structures including reservoirs and waste and contaminated material storage structures.
  • Offshore platforms.

CP360 can be applied at a whole range of ambient and substrate temperatures (-10°C to +35°C) onto cementitious based screeds, concrete, filled bitumen/asphalt, metal, ceramic tile and wood substrates.

  • Highly flexible with excellent crack-bridging characteristics even at  eextremely low temperatures (-20°C and below)
  • Very high impact and puncture resistance as well as chemical and abrasion resistant
  • Withstands stress and movements in the substrate
  • Excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates including asphalt (subject to testing)
  • Based on PUMA technology - free from external plasticisers

Surface Preparation

  • The area to be waterproofed must be dry, firm, solid and free of dust, fat and oil.
  • Laitance and loose particles must be removed thoroughly, e.g. by shot blasting.
  • Fats or oils as well as humidity can be removed by flame blasting for example.
  • Before the application of the CP360, a suitable TREMCO MMA Primer, including sanding when appropriate, must be first applied.


  • Prior to use CP360 must be carefully mixed to achieve a uniform distribution of the paraffin contained in the product.
  • CP360 is thoroughly mixed together with the CP510 MMA Initiator (50% dibenzoyl peroxide), in accordance with the below guidelines.

It should be noted that the amount of catalyst powder to be added depends upon the temperature.
- at 30°C use 250 g per 25 kg pail
- at 20°C use 350 g per 25 kg pail
- at 10°C use 600 g per 25 kg pail
- at 0°C use 1000 g per 25 kg pail
- Below 0°C use 1000 kg per 25 kg pail

Please contact our Technical Service Department for further details.

Note: Weight to Volumetric conversion of Catalyst.
1 cm³ of CP510 MMA Initiator = 0.64 g
1 g of CP510 MMA Initiator = 1.57 cm³

Method of Application

  • The material consumption and application method depends in which of the TREMCO MMA systems CP360 resin is being used for; see specific System Data Sheets for further information.

For full application details, contact tremco illbruck customer services on 01942 251400.

Technical data

CompositionModified MMA resin
(DIN 53018
@ 25°C)
460 – 730 mPa*s
(EN ISO 2811
@ 25°C)
1.3 g/ml
Pot Life/Processing Time
Approximately 15 minutes
Curing Time 
(@ 20°C)
Approximately 60 minutes
Flash Point
(EN ISO 1516)
PROPERTYRESULT (Cured State - tested at 20°C)
Shore A Hardness
(NFP 98285)
>85 IRHD
Shore D Hardness
(DIN 53505)
Tensile Strength
(EN ISO 527)
8.4 MPa
Elongation at Maximum Strength
(EN ISO 527)
Modulus of Elasticity
(EN ISO 527)
78 MPa
Abrasion 1000 Cycles
(ISO 7784-2)
64 mg
Dynamic Crack-Bridging (BPG)> 5 mm
PROPERTYRESULT (Cured State - samples kept at -20°C for 24 hours before testing)

Tensile Strength
(EN ISO 527)

8.8 MPa
Elongation at Maximum Strength
(EN ISO 527)
Modulus of Elasticity
(EN ISO 527)
630 MPa
Dynamic Crack-Bridging (BPG)> 5 mm

For the consumption of the product per m²; please consult tremco illbruck Technical Service

Per layer of membrane; a minimum thickness of 1 mm (= 1.3 kg/m²) should always be applied

To bed 150 mm fleece reinforcement,  use 0.45 kg/lm of CP360

Store in shaded dry conditions between +15°C and +20°C
Shelf Life6 months when stored as recommended in original unopened containers
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