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Fibre Reinforced Waterproof Coating

CP320 is a cold applied single pack, ultra high solids, moisture activated, elastomeric urethane containing inert reinforcement fibres. High elasticity allows membrane to “move” without cracking or splitting. Internal reinforcement often avoids the need to use dry reinforcement scrims, matting etc, on tight lap joints, bolt heads, etc.

Waterproofing membrane coating for protection of sound (small) flat and pitched roofs, etc. Also used as bridging stripe coat on firm lap joints, bolt heads, during refurbishment of profiled metal sheeted roofs.

  • Not suitable for use in areas exposed to continuous chemical contamination.
  • Not suitable for continuous foot traffic without the addition of suitable walkways or protection.





  • Durable liquid applied coating providing guaranteed waterproofing
  • Quick and easy to apply even around complex detailing
  • Single component materials - no mixing required
  • Fibre reinforced for extra strength and durability
  • Primerless application to most common flat roof substrates

Technical data

CompositionLow solvent, moisture triggered polyurethane, reinforced with fibres

% Solids by Weight

Drying Time at 20°C


Touch dry: 4 hours

Overcoating time: 8 hours

Chemical ResistanceCP320 exhibits good chemical resistance to a range of materials including: Oil, salt solution, water, rain water, soap & water, bleach and ethylene glycol
StorageStore in cool, dry shaded conditions between +8°C and +25°C
Shelf Life6 months when stored as recommended in unopened containers
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