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In And Out In A Day – Fast-Track Flooring From TREMCO


Time is money so anything that can accelerate the process makes a positive impact on your bottom line.

This is where innovations like TREMCO’s ES600 and SX500 can come to the rescue. These latest-generation flooring products allow you to install Damp Proof Membrane (DPM), screed and apply the floor covering all in one day.

This is exactly what flooring contractor, Ayrshire Flooring, did recently on a flooring contract for a private client. Ayrshire Flooring chose ES600, a water-based moisture vapour suppressant because of its speed of application and the fact that it can be used where ambient moisture readings are as high as 95% RH.

There is no need to prime the substrate when ES600 is used with TREMCO smoothing compounds and on this project, Ayrshire Flooring chose SX500 rapid drying smoothing compound.

This product can be walked on just 30 minutes after application and has a lay-on time of only 90 minutes. When used in combination with ES600 (which itself is dry in just 60 minutes) the final floor covering can be fitted after just three hours.

On this particular domestic job, Ayrshire Flooring completed the entire job in only six hours, saving time, money and minimising inconvenience to the client.

An added advantage is that both ES600 and SX500 are environmentally-friendly – the ES600 being single part water-based and the SX500 being a cement-free bag and bottle. This means both products are low-odour and do not pose a potential health-risk to building occupants even when new.