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Discover a Streamlined Suite of Product Systems Under the Deckshield Brand


Multi-storey car parks (MSCPs) are often perceived as uncomplicated, simple structures - but in fact there is a multitude of complex design aspects to consider, from the constant passage of heavy vehicles, structural movement, exposure to the elements and attack from automotive chemicals. Each of these require specialist advice to select the appropriate product and expert installation, often phased to minimise disruption to users.

CPG UK can answer all of these issues with the launch of a streamlined suite of product systems under the Deckshield brand, each interlinked through technology and support, yet specifically designed for the unique challenges of exposed top decks, ramps, turning circles and basement levels.

The Deckshield range is designed to provide superior deck coating properties at every point of the building’s lifecycle. Much of this stems from the innovative Polyurethane modified methyl methacrylate (PUMA) based formulation of the systems which provides a number of advantages over traditional resin or cementitious systems.

There are five core elements to the Deckshield system covering the following applications:

  • External decks including solutions for installation above occupied premises;
  • Intermediate decks where traffic is likely to be most dense, including ramps and turning circles;
  • Basement decks where water ingress may be an issue, especially in existing structures where an effective DPM may be compromised or even absent;
  • Refurbishment of worn or damaged decks
  • Movement joints that safely absorb any building movement by temperature induced expansion or contraction, vibration, traffic flows, dynamic loading, ground settlement or even seismic activity.

With an extensive portfolio of completed projects the length and breadth of the UK, CPG can provide advice and assistance at every stage of a project, from initial structural surveys, through product selection and application to preventative maintenance.