Station Road, Oxted

TREMCO / 29 July 2022

The property comprises mixed use residential and business units over shops. The roof is existing asphalt which was refurbished some years ago with a built up felt system which was applied onto a recovery board.

Station Road, Oxted


Wedge Property Company


April 2014

Systems Used

TREMCO Repoma Rapid Cure Roofing


550 m²

Whilst the felt appeared to be in good condition, the client was experiencing leaks to the properties below and there was evidence of water ingress to the recovery board which was breaking up and causing the felt to be unstable.

Following a small project on the asphalt access balcony which proved the ability of the Repoma Rapid Cure Roofing System to remediate an asphalt substrate with a rapid turn-around, the decision was taken to award the remedial measures to the roof to specialist applicator, Cemplas who would use TREMCO’s Repoma Rapid Cure Roofing System.

Station Road Build Up

The felt and recovery board were removed to reveal the asphalt below, which had stone chippings embedded in the surface and was the reason why a recovery board had been employed previously. The removal of the stone chippings entailed extensive preparation of the asphalt to achieve a reasonably smooth, level surface suitable for the Repoma Rapid Cure Roofing System.

The project was carried out in marginal weather conditions and was successfully waterproofed including detailing to skylights, pipes, vents, outlets and numerous other potential problem areas. The liquid applied system copes easily with any such detailing in contrast to single-ply and other sheet systems which are compromised.

TREMCO's technical service department were on hand to assist Cemplas during the duration of the project and regularly attended site to help ensure the project ran smoothly.